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Stu Osterthun

Administrative Director
of Marketing & Communications
Southeast Community College

"Linh Nguyen completed a 120-hour graphic design internship in the Office of Marketing & Communications at Southeast Community College that spanned from January to February 2023. During that time, Linh developed posters, table tents and “advertisements” for TV monitors across the College that promoted class registration. She also developed promotional pieces for diversity, equity and inclusion. Graphic design pieces for that project included Black History Month, Arab American Heritage Month, Women's History Month, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and Mental Health Awareness Month. Prior to diving into Illustrator, Linh conducted thorough research into each “Month,” ensuring that graphics, colors and fonts properly represented the culture. Linh's time with our office went by so quickly. I wish her internship lasted a full semester instead of just three weeks. She is a delight to work with, and I hope someday to be able to work with her again."

Crystal Hollmann

Associate Director of Marketing
Southeast Community College

"Linh is a talented individual and a joy to work with. Her ability to deliver a visually appealing product that meets the objective is refreshing in the marketing profession. A quality designer is often times difficult to find and work with. Working with Linh has been a growing experience for myself as well. To understand and appreciate her needs as a designer have taught me the resources designers need to guide their creative journey. Linh does extensive research before diving into a design of a project which leads her to creating impactful and transformative pieces. Her talents will only continue to develop as she continues her professional career and I'd recommend Linh's services to others."

Amy Doty, M.A.

English Program Co-Chair,
Southeast Community College

"Working with Linh has been a remarkable experience. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a variety of projects and am never disappointed. She brings enthusiasm, talent, integrity, creativity, and intellect to every endeavor, no matter the size or scope. Linh is a dedicated, warm professional whose personal touch impacts the people behind the projects just as much as the project itself."