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Halo nails is my family business located in Lincoln, NE. The name Halo is a sweet combination of my parents' names—"Ha"are two first letter of my dad's name and "Lo" are two first letters of my mom's name—We run the business with family love and would like to create a small cute place in a hope that our customer when come to our nails salon, they not only will have more beauty on nails, but also will have more peace in minds. In this grand opening campaign, we would like to welcome everyone to come and experience Halo's services and enjoy Halo's environment.

Perception & Ton

The overall tone of the campaign is simple and clean to bring trustworthy and professional feelings. The design is elegant and cute to evoke the friendly and comfortable feeling.The simplification of the design brings the approachable and affordable feeling. The design gives off a vibe of family love.


I design the whole new identity system including logo, menu, sign, poster, business card, media posts…


Business card



Table tent