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Southeast Community College (SCC) is a public community college system in the southeast portion of Nebraska. They believe that everyone has talents and will grow and bloom beautifully when being in the right environment and fostered in the right way. They offer programs that are short but interesting, effective and useful in real life, in hopes that they can nurture talents in the future. But they also understand that it's not always an easy path to success and needs a lot of motivation during the way to achieve the goal. Therefore, they usually have promotional campaigns to support their students in many different aspects. Three upcoming campaigns are: Current Student Registration, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and GDMA (Graphic Design & Media Art) program.


SCC has their own identity system including logos and color scheme. Based on that, I work with the marketing team to get the guidelines for the projects and create the designs that fulfill both marketing and aesthetic purposes. I got a chance to be creative with different information, ideas and layouts.

Current Student Registration

Using posters to remind and call current students to register for the new courses and also show the support by encouraging students to meet advisors who will work with each student to create an educational plan that fits with personal goals.

The over tone of the campaign will be fun and enjoyable. The design will be active and attractive with movement to evoke a strong feeling that calls to action but still friendly and elegant to give a comfortable feeling. The design will be clear and simple enough to represent the modern academic environment, but also interesting with creative illustrations to bring a joyful feeling.


Using TV monitors To support "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" in the community in general, and on campus in particular.

GDMA program

Graphic Design and Media Art is a program that is short but interesting, effective and useful in real life, In this promotional campaign. SCC would like to use digital pieces to introduce the Graphic Design/Media Arts program to high school students in Lincoln, in hopes that they can nurture talents in art and design for Lincoln in the future.